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Available German Shorthaired Pointer Rescues



To Breed or Not To Breed

An Article to help you determine if you REALLY want to breed



Challenge to Breeders


How do YOU measure up?


Breeding Responsibilities, Realities and Finances


Puppies – Now What?


Genetics –

Do They REALLY matter?



Information on Breeds



Cross-Breeds & Designer Dogs


Behaviour & Training


Health Issues



Showing & Working



Grief and Letting Go


Lost Dog?



Grooming (Coming soon)


Dog Organizations





Discussion Board



Medical Links




GSP UK Discussion Board





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Iain MacDonald’s new book on “Sentient Dogs:  Emotionality and Its Impact on Canine Thought, Behaviour and Training”  – soon to be available through “Let’s Talk Breeding”.  Watch for this exciting new publication!

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